Matt Cutts: Game Designer, Writer
Rilee Horowitz: Game Designer, Writer
Luke Brockmann: Game Designer, Writer, Handwriting Artist


I worked on this project in multiple manners. I helped design the puzzles that make up the mystery of the game. I wrote numerous pages as part of a team, but with a clear, consistent style; the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective system relies on writing to make up the bulk of the mystery and the clues so it was the most important aspect of the project. I also compiled and designed the booklet in such a manner that all important information could be clear and visibly understood.


When an exhibit is burnt down and the culprit quickly confesses, it seems as though the case is open and shut. However, when the culprit's sister comes and begs you to take another look at the case, what was once an airtight case seems to be a lot more than a simple case of arson.

This game was based on the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, or SHCD, system. SHCD is played by using a booklet to read through and solve a mystery by navigating London, talking to witnesses, and examining clues. This case is a standalone module built on that system, assuming that you have access to the base game's map and contact list.